Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chicken Weight Distribution (Chicken 1)

Most of the weights are from memory as I didn't want to keep washing my hands. I did this because I noticed that the cheap chicken contains a lot of water while the organic chickens do not, also I was curious about the cost effectiveness of boneless vs bone-in. Interestingly, I figured that the water was part of the weight but it is interesting that they also include the packaging.

Basically if you eat only meat and value time, then the boneless option is about twice the cost of the bone-in option. If you want value, then the

Buying weight = 5.67 lbs = 90.72 oz
Buying price = $0.79 / lb = $4.48

Break-up by Parts (in oz)
Back = 13.4 (14.8%)
Leg = 11 (12%)
Wing = 4 (4.4%)
Breast = 16 (17%)
Gizzards = 3 (3.3%)
Total = 78.4 (86.4%) [$0.91 / lb]

Wastes = 12.3 oz [water + packaging]

Break-up, meat vs bone/fat (in oz)
fat = 8
thigh bone = 1
thigh meat = 4.5
leg bone = 1.7
leg meat = 2.4

Chicken thighs (cheapest within last year) = $0.79 / lb
Chicken thighs (regular within last year) = $0.99 / lb
Chicken thighs (boneless) = $1.79 / lb
Chicken cost ratio (cheapest) =  1:2.2
Chicken cost ratio (regular) =  1:1.8
Chicken weight ratio = 1:1.22

Saturday, March 26, 2016

48 minute 4 miles

Excited that I was able to run a constant 5 mph pace for 4 miles, yesterday. I probably won't make the under 30 minutes for a 5k race in a couple weeks, but it will be close. I'm able to keep a 6 mph pace for 10 minutes.

I always forget if I run faster off the treadmill. Usually by my first race of the year, I start running outside so I don't have a way to track my speed. Then by winter, I eat all the food back and get out of shape again.

I typically just listen to my body so usually not that important, although I am looking into getting a fitbit. There's a 300 mile challenge that I have joined and need a fitness tracker to measure the distance. I will need to average 5 miles a day which I think is a worthy challenge as I do not reach 5 miles even with my 3 mile runs every other day.

The con to this is that it will take more time out of my person software development project.

I have also just started looking for workout videos online. I'm open for some recommendations.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Facebook on Hulu without my permission

Another reason I do not like single sign-on. While on Hulu, I noticed in the comments section had a friend's profile picture even though I was logged in via Hulu account (not attached to Facebook). The cause is that a friend had signed onto Facebook and didn't logoff. 

I do not like that Facebook is allowing third-parties to access fb information without additional security to allow information to be transferred. There is no settings to disable this (at least not one that I can find).

Although there is a setting to sign-in via Facebook, I do not use single sign-on primarily for reasons like this. Although Hulu is a more legit company, this means that other sites are also capable of tracking without my knowledge. With all the data that is shared and distributed, more shady companies are capable of finding information that they should not have.

Lee Sedol defeats Google AlphaGo - Weiqi - Kurt Wagner 3/13/2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

So hard to find a volunteer opportunity for full-time employees

I have been wanting to volunteer for a long time but I seem to spend my entire weekend just looking for one and still end up empty handed. I feel my biggest obstacle is that I am a full-time employee (FTE) and just searching for something to do in the evening or over the weekend.

Majority of opportunities found on sites are for full-time volunteers, so all of these are instantly struck out because there is no way that can fit into my schedule.

The second obstacle is that my job also have last minute assignments for any given evening or weekend of the week. This means that I cannot commit to something that is down the road or require recurring attendance.

Basically the remainder of the opportunities full under that category, so what does that leave me? There are some rare ones that require certain certificates. Even soup kitchens now require sign-ups and fill up.

Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places, or perhaps using incorrect keywords. This really should not be harder than finding a paid job.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cost of a Smoothie

Banana (8 oz) - $0.79 / lb = $0.40
Strawberry - $2.50 = 4 of 16 = $0.625
Kiwi - 4 for $1 = $0.25
Yogurt - 1/5 of $3 = $0.60
Pineapple - 1/8 of $3 = $0.375
Some orange juice ~ $0.10

About $2.50 for ingredients.

Takes only a few minutes to make and a couple minutes to wash.clean.

So spending about $5 - 6 for smoothie seems somewhat reasonable.